Laboratory of Transgenic Animals

    The Laboratory of Transgenic Animals (LAT) was established in 2000 and aims to provide primary technical support for mating, euthanasia, weaning, cutting tails, etc. of genetically modified (AnGM) to establish colonies of them. This laboratory meets regulatory instructions of Law 8974/95 which deals with standards for work and containment AnGM animals and today hosts researchers from different departments and institutes that make up the Center of Health Sciences (CCS). Furthermore, the LAT is intended for maintenance and supply of inbred mice of different strains to the entire scientific community.

    The LAT is a Multi-User Service Unit, associated with IBCCF that meets the CCS researchers and the scientific community of the Rio de Janeiro state and has modern infrastructure and facilities estutura that enable the management and maintenance of experimental AnGM.


    To operate the LAT has the service of a full time technical middle level, three assistants and handlers headed by a committee composed of teachers IBCCF. To ensure the quality of the animals housed in the vivarium LAT also has the support of a professional Veterinary Medicine.


    Given the unique conditions of the physical installation LAT deBiossegurança follows the rules of level 1 and level 2 (BSL-A2). The facilities comprise 10 environments LAT: 01 veterinary reception room, 03 rooms creation, 01 quarantine room / maintenance trial, 01 washing and sterilizing room, 01 treatment rooms and preparation of cages, 02 laboratories and 01 experimental room cell culture. All environments are isolated and circulating air is filtered and controlled.

Use and Users

In the LAT are kept around 4,000 animals of 30 different strains that are part of projects IBCCF researchers and other institutes that comprise the CCS (eg Institute of Biomedical Sciences, ICB, Institute of Microbiology Professor Paulo de Goes, IMPPG). Furthermore, the LAT has about 500 different strains of inbred animals in colonies of their own vivarium.

Center for Animal Experimentation